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CraftLander Pontoon Boat Lift  

CraftLander offers a cantilevering pontoon lift design specifically for pontoon boat and also a pontoon conversion kit that allows any of their vertical lifts to support a pontoon boat with ease. Both of these options lift the pontoon boat from the bottom of the deck.

CraftLander NuCraft Pontoon Boat Lift

CraftLander's cantilevering pontoon lift offers a smooth operating winch with 30" hand wheel, telescoping bars to 69" of height adjustment, rear load guides rollers standard and a 2 and 15 Year Limited Warranty.

Pontoon Boat Lift Specs

  Model Capacity Bunk Width Bed Length Boat Length Lift Weight
  32BL18 3200 lb 44" 18" up to 22' 300 lbs
  32BL22 3200 lb 44" 22" up to 25' 360 lbs
  32BL25 3200 lb 44" 25" up to 26' 420 lbs
  42BL25 4200 lb 44" 25" up to 28' 530 lbs

CraftLander Pontoon Conversion Kit
Also with CraftLander, you can ad a pontoon rack to any of their vertical lifts to accomodate a pontoon boat. This option allows you to ad a canopy to cover your boat.

  • Pontoon Conversion kit easily adapts to the 2500lb capacity through the 6000lb capacity CraftLander hoists. The rack has a fully adjustable width and height.

  • This option allows options like load guides, canopy, power unit and other accessories to be added that may not be available on the cantilever.

  • Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

CraftLander Vertical Pontoon Boat Lift CraftLander Pontoon Boat Lift Aluminum and Vertical

Vertical Pontoon Boat Lift Specs

  Model Capacity Max Beam Lift Height Winch Ratio Lift Weight
  1684v 1600 lb 84" 60" 6:1 315 lbs
  25108v 2500 lb 108" 52" 11:1 325 lbs
  35108v 3500 lb 108" 64" 11:1 430 lbs
  45108v 4500 lb 108" 64" 16:1 460 lbs
  45114v 4500 lb 114" 64" 16:1 470 lbs
  45120v 4500 lb 120" 64" 16:1 475 lbs
  60120v 6000 lb 120" 60" 21:1 620 lbs
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