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Dock Accessories and Hardware

At Dockmaster, we can provide anything and everything you could need for your dock system. At Dockmaster you will find:

  • Dock Ladders
  • Dock Stairs/steps
  • Solar Lights
  • Cleats
  • Dock Boxes
  • Dock Bumpers
  • Rafts
  • Moorings
  • Bird B Gones
  • Weed Roller
  • Foot Pads and Augers
  • Crossarm Clamps
  • Stringer Brackets
  • 2" Aluminum or Galvanized Pipe
  • Custom Repair Parts
  • and much more...

If we end up not having something you are looking for, please let us know and we can find it or help you find some that does.

Dockmaster Dock Support System

This is the easiest and fastest dock support system to install and remove on the market today. Dockmaster's H-Frame design is very stable and the galvanized steel construction keeps it heady duty. We even back it with a 20 year warranty.

Dock Master Dock Hardware

The adjustable end tops are interchangeable with many different tops to choose from allows you to create any configuration imaginable. We also build many types of sections to sit on this type of hardware. Everything from all wood to no wood at all. Learn More


Custom Hardware Components

We can custom build hardware for almost any dock section out there. We build custom H-Frame hardware from aluminum that provides a lightweight, sturdy and long lasting dock hardware that will never rust.

Custom Dock Hardware
  • Cap - The pipe used for the legs of your dock hardware may contain sharp edges or splinders. These caps help to cover the end of the pipe to protect you, your family and guests.
  • Hole - This is a must when using an auger to help screw your post in to the lake bottom. They are also nice with foot pads if you are in a sticky area.
  • Stringer Bracket - This is where your dock stringer will sit. They are adjustable across the crossarm making this easy to use with almost any dock section.
  • Crossarm Clamp - This clamp is like a hand on the crossarm that grabs the leg/upright and is adjustable up and down for leveling.
  • 2" OD Crossarm - 2" OD is the best size to use with the majority of these products. The length of the crossarm usually slightly wider than the section.
  • 2" OD Leg or Upright - Once again, 2" OD is the best size to use with the majority of these products. Make sure you walk out in to the water to get your measurement for depth, it's expensive to make the post longer.
  • Foot Pad - These are much easier then augers. Available in an assortment of sizes and work best on solid and semi solid bottoms. Can become very stuck in deep muck.
  • Auger - When you need to secure your dock to the lake bottom to protect from waves or winds. For extra stability, use a pad and auger combo.
Dock Truss
  • Truss System - Allows multiple dock sections to be placed side by side for platforms and patios.
Underdock Support
  • Under Dock Support -With an under dock support you have no posts sticking up above the surface of the dock. Simular to the Dockmaster Dock hardware system, you end up with a very clean look. Made by Lakeshore.

If you have any question or concerns about custom dock hardware or would just like a quote, please contact us for more info.


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Swimrafts are the best way to create a great swiming area in deeper water.

Poly Swimraft
  • Large 7.5' by 9.5' non-skid deck surface
  • 3000-pound capacity
  • Polystyrene core
  • 3-step ladder and corner reflectors
  • Available in gray or yellow
  • Three-year limited warranty
  • Yellow in Stock

Both your shoreline and your enjoyment are enhanced when you add a Shore Master Swim Raft to the experience.

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